Published on 04/05/2019 10:29 am
VMC, best coaching centre in Kolkata wishes the best to all JEE aspira

Joint Entrance Exams is scheduled to start from 8th April 2019 and students are studying hard to pass this main exam. Vidyamandir Classes, recognised as one of the best IIT JEE coaching classes wishes the best to all JEE aspirants.


Since most of the students know that these exams are tough as well as highly competitive to achieve a high score, Vidyamandir Classes is giving certain tips to students to score well for this JEE Main.

1. Leave all the tensions behind and spruce up your self-belief so that it would strengthen your mind in this critical period.

2. Prepare a proper routine that you would be following on the days of JEE Mains. Start waking up early in the morning and give at least 8 hours of time to study for the JEE Mains with regular ten minutes of break after every 1 hour and 30 minutes. This would ensure your body and mind gets tuned into this pattern and be well focused on the exams.

3. Give a proper thorough reading to all the topics that have been taught to you in the last two years as much as you can as it is an effective way of learning. Focus more on application based questions because most of the JEE Main questions are application based ones.

4. At this time it is best to focus to improve in those topics where you are well prepared and have proper knowledge rather than trying to improve on your weak areas.          

5. The exam is held during the summer season, so relax, remain focused, wear light clothes and avoid being nervous as it can decrease your performance in the exam.

6. Before attempting the paper, it is advisable to read all the instructions carefully written in the question paper as no invigilator would instruct you about the examination rules and pattern.

7. Always start your exams with those subjects where you are well prepared with. So that you can avoid wasting time and focus later in those subjects where you are weak at.

With all of these tips provided to the students, we wish them the best of luck and pass the exams with high scores. To know more about our curriculum and teaching pattern, simply visit us at

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