Published on 12/16/2017 1:00 pm
Vidyamandir Classes - Home of the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE

It's December, and only few more months left for preparation before board exams. Once the boards are over, pressure will be on for Joint Entrance Exams (JEE). And by now most of the IIT JEE aspirants know how to prepare and hopefully they are preparing meticulously. And now the preparation starts even from class IX-X. No courses are there for it? Check here. Clearing IIT JEE at one go is extremely tough but not impossible, if a student's core concepts are rock solid and subject knowledge is crystal clear. On top of that, if they start preparing early and have a positive mindset and carry a give it all attitude they will most certainly crack IIT JEE in their first attempt, but in case you are a bit confused, please give this Blog a read →

We all know the importance of coaching classes in preparation for IIT JEE, coaching classes not only prepares student for the tough entrance exams but also prepares him for the life at IITs. For those students who are not going to appear for IIT JEE next year but are starting preparation for JEE in future or those who are taking one year break to study for IIT JEE, lets introduce them to Vidyamandir Classes or VMC, home of the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE in Kolkata. Vidyamandir give its student the edge they deserve, all of their educators and mentors are IITians. They give vital tips and tricks to students to stay ahead in the game. One of the oldest institute, carrying a legacy of 20 years, VMC's study material is precise, calculated and exam oriented, students don't have to scour through pile of books to find what they need. VMC, one of the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE in Kolkata have courses for every one's need, below are some of the courses offered by VMC :

  • Foundation Courses - In order to build a strong foundation for fundamental concepts in maths and science, VMC provide foundation courses for class IX and X. It ensures students have a clear understanding of the core concepts start from the beginning.
  • Regular Classroom Courses (RCC) - For students hard core preparation for IIT JEE, VMC provides 1 year and 2 year Regular Classroom Courses for class XI and XII. Mentors in RCC are all IITians, they go through subjects comprehensibly, clearing all the doubts and explaining concepts.
  • Distance Learning Program - For students who  live far away from coaching centres and cities with no coaching classes, VMC have a Distance Learning Program. Educators and Mentors conduct classes via video conferencing.
  • NTSE Courses - NTSE is a talent based evaluation system scientifically designed for class X students, conducted by Central Government through CBSE. Qualified students are awarded scholarship up to post graduate and doctoral levels by Central Govt.  Apart from scholarship, students get preferences in competitive exams and in college admissions in India and abroad. VMC offers comprehensive preparation of NTSE tests.
  • Final Step - It is a power packed finishing course for students appearing for IIT JEE next year,  it consists of 12 hour booster course and test series of 39 tests, the courses are offered online and offline.

So what are you waiting for, IITs are calling you, enroll now in the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE and fulfil your dream of becoming an IITian. VMC's students are among the top rankers in JEE and our track record has made us synonymous with success in IIT JEE. Come join Vidyamandir Classes, the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE in Kolkata, to know more please register at and stand a chance to grab upto 90% scholarship.

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Vidyamandir Classes - Best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE