Published on 01/16/2018 11:47 am
Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2018

Cracking IIT JEE is never easy, most people think only genius student get a seat in IIT's which is true but there's a genius in every student. With hard work, dedication and proper planning any challenge can be surmounted, and if you look at the records most of the students who clear IIT JEE are the student who are dedicated and hard working, they may not be the best students or toppers right from the beginning. When it comes to IIT JEE preparation Coaching classes play a key role in grooming the students, their study material is precise and exam oriented, they provide the right environment and their mentors give inside tricks but more than anything they prepare students for the life at IIT's.  Apart from coaching classes here are few tips that students should keep in mind to succeed in their journey towards IIT:

  • Self Study : well teachers do play very important role in guiding and clearing concepts but it is very important to do self study, the more you study by yourself the better your preparation becomes. Whenever faced with a doubt go to the teachers and clear them up right away, this practice will help you cover more subjects much easily.
  • Start Early : Start your concept development from class 9 onwards if possible, most of the students start from class 11th but for JEE, concept development should start from class 9 and 10. For this proper guidance from parents and teachers is also vital.
  • Prepare a Roadmap : This one is really important, planning your preparation. Every student have personal preferences and favorite subjects, but they must plan and divide time to prepare for all subjects equally and at the same time passion for a subject is equally important, remember that it is the passion which takes you to IIT's.
  • The Final Step : Once you are just few months away from JEE exams, start solving previous test papers as much as possible, over and over again. Also try to attend multiple JEE Mock Test, it will build confidence and give insight into the question paper patterns. Always be confident, it can be the difference between you and others.

 If you follow these tips and you are committed to your goal you can definitely be a part of prestigious IITs. To help students we, Vidyamandir Classes (VMC), the best Coaching Classes for IIT JEE in Kolkata, provide the best teachers and environment, where we nurture students talent and boost them, for us every student is a genius who needs proper attention and guidance to shine. Hope this blog helped you, to know more about us please visit our website at

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